This blog has been abandoned way too much, and has been on HIATUS way too many times, but I’m back, and will try to be more consistent this time. Something I’m not too good at. Haha. But I’m excited to be blogging again, for several reasons. I just got a new camera that I’ve been wanting ever since it came out (Canon 5D Mark III), and I’m obsessed with it. Second, I moved back to my sister’s house, which means, I don’t have to be as workaholic to pay off my bills. I got a taste of independence, and yes, it’s great and fun, but the exhaustion from overworking just to make ends meet is, uuhhmm…let’s just say, I almost lost my sanity. Haha! And lastly, I’m back in school, after 3 or so years of just being full time in the workforce (actually, I’ve been back since Spring 2015), and I think this blog could be an essential outlet for me to vent out, rant frustrations, as well as to document this exciting new journey. I have finally decided to pursue what I’ve always wanted, and I’d like this blog to be a witness, whether or not I’ll make it. But hey, let me be positive. I will make it!

As a comeback post, let me start with my recently concluded East Coast Invasion with mi familia! We flew from Houston to Philadelphia, rented a car, and from there, we drove state to state, and actually, even extended our little road trip to Canada.imageI’m still in the process of organizing photos from the trip, but here’s how I looked from our flight. I was expecting a cold weather so I thought I’d stay warm. But I might have overdressed. Haha.

Our flight from Houston was delayed due to “severe thunderstorm”, and we arrived at Philly after midnight, which at that time, the car rental company where we rented has already closed. They initially told us to wait till they open at around 0500, and of course, it would have totally threw our schedules off for that day, but luckily, my sister got it all fixed. 
What I’m wearing: Sweatshirt from Topman, Slim Jeans from Zara, and a floral cap from Urban Outfitters, just to hide a tragic mess (3 days prior to this, after 27 years, I decided to perm my hair, just coz….just because) Haha. Another lesson learned the hard way. Oh well.  Anyways, expect for photo floods for the following posts.