Sport has never been my thing, but if you see what’s on my bucket list, skiing is probably the only sport that you’ll spot in there. I’m most likely being optimistic. When I tried ice skating, I often saw myself parallel to the ground. My balance is not the greatest, but I was hoping the ski pole will make a difference.
Unfortunately, when we arrived at Heavenly Ski Resort, it was already 1 PM and none of us knew that they were going to close at exactly 4 pm. Aside from that, it was also a Saturday, and the line at the lift was endless, and it would take approximately forever to bring you to the top. Which means, we’re only probably assured a one hour to ski. It would cost us around 150$ for the lift, plus equipment rental around 50$. We thought it would be just a waste of money. I was a bit disappointed, but to make myself feel better, I thought about my patients who have sustained fractures from skiing/snowboarding. LOL. I’m terrible.

But I would not want to leave Lake Tahoe without having the opportunity to have a view of its scenic lake. Fortunately, Heavenly Mountain Resort has a Gondola ride for about 50$. Still a bit expensive but it was worth every penny!
Without further due, here goes another photoflood 🙂