It’s a Sunday and our California trip is coming to an end. What better way to celebrate a fun-filled adventure than with some wine and scenic vineyards.

UntitledIt was a gloomy day, but I didn’t care. It was an omen for a day full of wine pouring.

We started our day with picking up the car we rented for our last two days in Cali as our friend who toured us around Lake Tahoe and Yosemite was heading to LA for a prior commitment. Our first stop was at Napa Valley Tourist Information Center to have an idea of what to do, expect, and how to fully explore Napa in less than 8 hours. For the past trips I’ve had, I’ve been literally squeezing my time on exploring a city, just like our “sleepover” in Seattle. I should start blogging on “how to explore *insert city name* in half a day” or something like that.
Anyways, the concierge at the tourist center was very accommodating, and showed us a map on the best places, and must see wineries in Napa. It was a cute little map of Napa, and you can purchase it for about 3 bucks to support local artists who created these maps.

After laying out our day’s itinerary, we decided to have a Sunday Brunch at a Ca’Momi, a restaurant around Downtown Napa, about 2 blocks from the information center. We opted for an Italian brunch, because, I don’t know, maybe because wine and Italy is almost synonymous. Haha.


With our stuffed bellies, we headed towards north of Napa and planned to start there and head back down with our list. One of the top wineries per the concierge, and per my research online, is Castello di Amorosa. I purchased a general admission ticket for 25$ inclusive of access to the beautiful Tuscan Castle and a five wine premium or a six wine reserve tasting in their main tasting room.


Tipsy and all, I dragged my “designated driver” to another famous winery in Napa, the Sterling Vineyards. This winery has a aerial tram or Gondola that offers stunning views of the valley as you ride up to the winery. Unfortunately, during our visit, not only was it rainy, and not only was the vineyard withered, but also their aerial tram was not functional, so we had to ride a Trolley up their winery, which is not bad at all. It still offered a scenic view of the area. General Admission ticket is 29$ and it covers the Trolley service, and a tasting of their current release wines. You can also take your wine glass (with their logo) home as a souvenir if you want to.


Unfortunately, we lost track of time, and didn’t realize it was almost 4 PM, and wineries in Napa are about to close, and so we decided to call it a day. Napa Valley is definitely worth re-visiting. If I were to get married again, I will definitely consider having a destination wedding in one of these wineries.

So long, Napa!