When you have five or more friends posting/snapping about rolling ice cream, you better join that bandwagon and check it out. First of its kind in Houston, Class 502 offers this recent dessert phenomenon from Southeast Asia, originating from the streets of Phuket, Thailand. Since its opening, it has been a recent attraction in Dung Hua Plaza so expect a long line especially during the weekend. Fortunately, when I visited today (Monday), the line was not that long, there were only probably about 4 people ahead of me, but it did take about 20-30 min before I had a taste of this dessert fad.Classroom-like decoration everywhere! From the chalkboard menu, to the shinily varnished brown chairs and tables. Nostalgia kicked in! It reminded me so much of elementary days, plus the ice cream. And oh, this place also offers your favorite boba milk teas! I have yet to personally try it. I did not want it to interfere with my tastebuds which are patiently waiting for them rolled ice cream goodness. They have 7 different flavors in their menu so far. I would have loved to blow my mind with their Mindblowing Matcha but it wasn’t available at the moment, so I opted for the classy coffee. The process is quite simple though labor intensive. They start with a homemade crème anglaise which is poured onto a cold plate that reaches temperatures below ten degrees. It is followed and customized by blend of ingredients (berries, matcha, etc) chopped into the base. At that point it starts to solidify into a thick, creamy texture. The batter is rolled off of the plate with a scraper, then placed in a cup and topped with toppings like wafer sticks, cookies, m&m’s, fresh fruits, nuts, etc. 
Labor-intensive ice cream. Expect to wait for at least 20 minutes (even on their down time).
Classy Coffee a bit bitter, but I liked it.

Presentation is on point, but I wish they have more topping choices and/or they would actually ask what topping you’d like to have just like in FroYo stores. But I’m sure they would probably customize it had I asked.

Cookies n Cream is amazing! but you can never go wrong with anything Cookies n Cream anyways. One complaint though is that, even before we tasted the class coffee, it somehow have a coffee taste on it, and upon reading reviews in Yelp, it is not uncommon that their flavors “cross-contaminate” during the preparation process. Overall, their ice-cream (at least the 2 that we tasted) is good, but I wouldn’t say extra ordinary. I have yet to try their other flavors. But just like Starbucks, it’s not all about their product, it’s about the experience. And I think they are doing great at it.

Don’t forget to leave your tip, and comments. I’m sure their hardworking ice cream rollers would appreciate it a whole lot!