Before my fondness of the Heights, I’ve always loved being around Montrose for its lively and vibrant feel. This is where I discovered some of the best coffee shops in town, one of which is Agora, and then not too recently, the Common Bond. Macarons, freshly baked bread, scrumptious pastries, they got it. They also serve entrees, so make sure to check out their breakfast menu, and of course their fresh well-brewed coffee.

I would say they are a bit on the pricier end, but I believe you get what you pay. But it’s OK because I know how cumbersome the process of creating a perfect macaroon, making sure each has a perfect “feet”, and all. Whew. I’ve attempted twice, and never again. Haha. Plus their macarons are bigger than other places I’ve been, however, they seem to have a very limited flavor, or maybe I visit them too late each time.  Nevertheless, this place is one of the must visit cafe in town.