On our last night in Bali, I decided to book through Airbnb. At first I was skeptical as the price just sounds too good to be true. I mean, where in the world can you get a 4-bedroom luxury house with an infinity pool, gorgeous outdoor tubs for 100$USD per night? This is my first time booking through Airbnb and I highly recommend it.

This gem is located in Junjungan, approximately 3 km away from Ubud. But I gotta admit, I was almost going to regret booking it as it looked kinda shady on our way because it was located in a remote area, with only few houses, and all you can see are rice fields. To make it worse, we did not think of bringing any food, and I was wondering on how to have dinner especially because cabs rarely frequent this location. Fortunately, as soon as we checked in, we were welcomed by Kadek, the caretaker, who was very accommodating, and friendly. He even offered to drive us around Ubud to experience their night life to which we agreed. For the last 3 days, we have been wanting to get turnt. LOL. So Kadek was our lifesaver!

Located in front of the house is Warung Bintang, a small restaurant that offers authentic, and organic Balinese food that does not ruin your wallet. For our first few days in Bali, we have been paying no less than ~ a million rupiah for each of our meal, so to find that everything in the photo above only costed us around 200,000 rupiah, I almost wanted live there. Haha. And even with its cost, they did not disappoint us with the presentation, more so with the taste.

Oh, mornings like this! Yes, it’s not the Hanging Gardens of Bali, and there were no luxurious toiletries, and tourists, but I got to say that staying here felt like home. We were able to meet new friends, and enjoy great company.

If there was one thing that I would complain about, it would probably just the lack of air conditioning ostensibly because this villa is designed to take advantage of cool breezes via open spaces in the roof. However, this allows hordes of mosquitoes and insects into the house. I woke up with colonies of ants near my shoes (because I had some food nearby…don’t ask me why), as well as in the kitchen. But then again, due to its location, I should have really expected it. So quick tip: if you’re sensitive to these insects, make sure to bring some repellent, be tidy, and more importantly, do not place your shoes in close proximity with your food.

I got butt naked showering outdoor. Haha. This place is also ideal for honeymooners.

This little gazebo/hut is ideal for a yoga session, solemn meditation, or just enjoying a good read with some warm tea.

For only 5$ per person, we woke our senses up with a hearty breakfast prepared by the caretakers. We had warm toasts, tasty omelet, fresh fruits, and juice, and a well-brewed coffee. This is what I’m talking about. This is life! Why can’t I always wake up to this?

I will definitely miss this place, and the people we met during out trip to Bali. This trip has been nothing but memorable and life changing. It reminded me the things that I want in life, who I am, and what I plan to be. Till our next journey!

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