Since it has been raining all day, we were kind of hesitant to proceed to our next stop on our itinerary which is the Kintamani Volcano. Our tour guide warned us that we might not be able to see anything as it is usually foggy when they have this kind of weather. But since we would be passing by on our way to our next hotel, we decided to go ahead and try our luck.  Plus we were starving and our tour guide suggested that we try one of the buffets overlooking the splendid view of the Kintamani Volcano, and Lake Batur.

Luckily, despite the weather, the sky was pretty clear, at least for about 5 minutes while we were there, then it disappeared. I was devastated as I have not taken my obligatory touristy photos but it did however come back about 10 minutes later or so. The clouds were just teasing me. Haha.

Quick Tips:

  1. Food was so-so, but you really do not expect much from buffets. However, they did make it up with the stunning view in their balcony.
  2. There will be plenty of locals aggressively selling “low cost” souvenirs, but I found that it would be cheaper to buy at the Ubud market, and buy your souvenirs at one time from same shop so you could bargain better, and have a “loyalty” discount. And if you do bargain, always try to target half of what they’re offering, and take it from there. 🙂

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