After months of contemplating where to visit on my 3-week vacation beside visiting my family in the Philippines, I decided that it is time for me to visit other countries in Southeast Asia. While scrolling through facebook, I stumbled upon a video that instantly sold Bali, Indonesia to me. Right there and then, I booked our ticket to Bali. Most of the flights available have layovers at either Singapore or Malaysia, I picked the latter as it had an almost 24 hr layover which will give us a bit of time to explore the city. It’s like a bonus. You get to visit another country at no extra cost, or at least it feels like it.

Being the usual ridiculous me, I have about 6,000 photos, and selecting which to post in a single post is a rear pain, hence I would be posting them separately per location/activity, and then maybe write a single post regarding the total experience, and maybe couple of trip advise, if any. Haha.

So on our first morning in Bali, our tour guide, Yan, whom I highly recommend, fetched us from our hotel. Our first stop was the Tegenungan Waterfall, which is located at the Kemenuh village, north of Denpasar. The waterfall is quite accessible which is great, but unfortunately, it is quite crowded, and this is where I was reminded of the memes in social media “expectation vs. reality”. It is almost impossible to take a picture without a bunch of tourists in the background. And that is why I decided to risk a bit, climbed some rocks, and took photos from a different angle from the falls (see photos below).

For an extra charge, you can have an access to this view (pictured above), where there are less tourists so you could have that instagram worthy photo. 🙂

Quick Tip: Bring some water, and enough energy to walk down to the waterfall, and climb back up, as it can get quite exhausting that you don’t need to do any cardio on the gym for a week. LOL.

Thanks for visiting! 🙂