As I have mentioned on my  previous post, I was browsing Facebook when I stumbled upon a video that completely convinced me that I HAVE to visit this Island of the Gods ASAP. This video was from the page of The Insider featuring The Hanging Gardens of Bali—World’s First 7-star Boutique Hotel located in the town of Ubud,  Bali’s center for traditional crafts and dance. It features a remarkable, breath-taking two-tiered swimming pool–one of the most photographed pool, and is beyond instagramworthy. It has been also named as “The World’s Best Swimming Pool” by Trip Advisor, and I completely agree.

We were greeted by hospitable receptionists who guided us up to our room. And it must have been our lucky day as we were upgraded from a Villa Suite to a Family Villa which has extra bedroom with 2 beds. Our villa also had a private infinity pool overlooking the Riverside, and a jungle which I could wake up to, every morning. The bay window in our bedroom offers a view of both without going outside the villa.

Since the villas are geographically located on a dense rain forest, we had to take a funicular from the Hotel’s reception area down to the villas. They also offer a cab ride if you were planning on exploring the city while staying at their hotel, for additional price. I only stayed overnight, and I wanted to maximize our time in this hotel so I made sure our tour guide fetch us at the latest time possible to check out.

This luxury hotel is perfect for couples. It has a limited number of villas, and values their guests’ privacy. I was under the impression that the pool area will be crowded, and that it would be impossible to take photos without any tourists on tangent, but I was surprised that even as late as 9 AM, the pool area is still empty. I did wake up early, around 7 AM, as I fear that it will be really difficult to take photos if we go later than that, which I really could not afford risking as we were only staying for one night. It is quite expensive (~500 USD) per night, and food is also on the pricier end but it is worth every dollar. The service is over the top.

The Hanging Gardens of Bali is heaven-on-earth, and is a definition of paradise. I would definitely save up just to be able to stay here again, one day. For our 10-year anniversy, perhaps? Haha.


  1. Bring insect repellent (although they had some in the hotel) as there are quite a number of insects which is not surprising  due to its location.
  2. Do not leave food uncovered especially near your bed (we might have learned this the hardway), especially if you are allergic to ants.
  3. Do not leave any valuables in the balcony, the employees of this hotel are trustworthy but that Monkeys roaming around are not. You can actually see some of them while you’re in your private infinity pool.
  4. Bring food? (cup noodles or what not)–food is quite pricey (we spent about 140$ for our so-so dinner shown above.)
  5. Drone photography is not allowed, we were stopped from doing so. It would’ve been amazing, but I do respect their policy on privacy of other guests.

Again, thank you for visiting, and I hope you find this post inspiring and informative.