So I gave in, I have always resisted the urge to attend the Coachella Music Festival for several reasons. First, because it’s obviously quite pricey, and second, I really do not know majority of the artists, so it was initially hard for me to justify roughly $1500 for the event, granting I buy my tickets on time, and book accommodation quite early.

This year was a little bit different, there were already talks about Beyoncé being one of the main act because she had to back out last year due to her pregnancy. Also, one of my closest friends wanted to travel to celebrate his birthday, which was around the Coachella weekend, so it was a perfect justification to finally give in. :))

Expect multiple Coachella related posts on my next updates, but just bear with me as I will be sharing my travel experiences in some of my favorite cities in Europe. I’m scheduled to fly to Paris on May 16, 6 shifts away as I’m writing this blog. I can hardly wait!

Enjoy our pre-Coachella vlog with my crazy squad #htxrepreset below.