After our 3 day Parisian experience, we flew to Rome. As a Roman Catholic, it was my dream to attend mass led by our Pope. Unfortunately, our flight was delayed and we didn’t make in time for the mass. Nevertheless, I enjoyed roaming around the city, and I would do everything I can to go back here again, someday (and yes, I did toss a coin at Trevi Fountain).

In this post, I will be sharing my top 5 instagrammable places that we visited.

  1. Trevi Fountains (Fontana di Trevi) – Super crowded place so if you really want an IG-able photo, go early! Yes, even then, there might still be people, but few enough to excuse yourself, or photoshop. Haha. It was in the middle of a lot of buildings, so when it appeared unexpectedly, I almost had a heart attack. It was just one of those moments when a dream of yours come true. I mean, NGL, I think I almost cried. Haha.

2. The Colosseum or Coliseum. Built in 70 AD, this large amphitheater will make you feel all the feels. I felt so small standing in there, but somehow I felt empowered. That cliche quote “Rome wasn’t built in a day” made me realize how much we can do by just starting now no matter how slow our progress seem to be. What matters is that we keep going, and to always remind ourselves that “a step is better that no step”–I read that somewhere. Haha. Definitely a must visit when you’re in Rome!

3. Spanish Steps. This stairway has been featured in many movies, you just have to find yourself here after walking in the narrow cobblestoned streets in Rome. Walking around mindlessly brought us here, and we were obsessed! It was around sunset, kinda overcrowded, but it’s liveliness was a whole vibe! The music, the shops, and even the tourist themselves enjoying everything this place has to offer was mesmerizing. All I needed was a beer while I people watch, and I’m good! Haha

4. The Vatican/St. Peter’s Basilica. Like I said, it was one of my dream to attend a mass here but unfortunately wasn’t able to. It’s another reason why I should come back here. We purchased a tour to explore the Vatican. I just found it so cool to be able to visit the smallest country in the world. If you just wanted to visit St. Peter’s Basilica, a tour/ticket is not required.

5. Castel San’t Angelo/ The Mausoleum of Hadrian. Once the tallest building in Rome, this was used by Pope as a fortress and a castle. Today, it is used as a museum. The Airbnb we booked was situated right in front of this Castel, and was definitely a sight.

Oh how I miss Rome! I am currently salivating with the thought of the authentic seafood pasta that I ate for the entire duration we were there. It was in a corner restaurant called Da Carlo Alimentary E Pizzaria (not fancy at all) near our Airbnb, and it was bomb!

Again, thanks for stopping by.

Till next post.