Hi friends!

It has been a while since I last wrote here, and I hate myself for frequently abandoning this little online abode of mine. Life has definitely turned 360 ever since I stopped working, and started medical school in July of 2019. Big events happened, and I hope that I can find time to thoroughly update you all of what I have been up to. I hope you have all been doing great, and that you are staying safe from this terrible pandemic we are going through right now.

With the quarantine going on, netizens have been doing all kinds of challenges to help us save our lives from death of boredom. One of which is the Dalgona Coffee Challenge. I believe this way of making coffee drink originated in Korea. Not gonna lie, I did it for the gram initially as I’m already obsessed with my Nespresso coffee maker, so I did not think I was actually going to like this Dalgona Coffee.

I was wrong.

It has been a week since I learned to make it, and I have been making it every single day. Maybe I missed a day. But you know what I mean.

It. is. so. good. And I don’t care what anyone else say. Haha!

Below is my version of this #dalgonacoffeechallenge.

  • 1. Combine 2 tbsp of instant coffee, and 2 tbsp of sugar in a bowl. I actually added more of the coffee (2.5 tbsp) because I find that the recommended ratio is too sweet for my liking. I could have decreased the sugar, but doing so will decrease the amount of the whipped coffee mixture, and it will be harder to make it fluffy and thick.
  • 2. Add 2 tbsp of hot water (easier to dissolve)
  • 3. I don’t have an electric mixer so I had to hand-whisk it (it did take some time (10 min or so) but it’s worth it…so take your time..it’ll be tastier)
  • 4. Fill a glass with crushed ice, and pour the milk.
  • 5. Add the whipped coffee mixture, and top with whatever you want.

Enjoy, and stay safe!