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Prior to the COVID19 pandemic, I decided to work on my fitness. If undergrad has Freshman 15, medical school has Medschool 20. I have totally abandoned working out during my first semester of medical school. I was a train-wreck. I was excited, happy, stressed and scared, all at the same time. I was struggling to figure out my rhythm. In finding out what works and what doesn’t. And so I…

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Hi friends! It has been a while since I last wrote here, and I hate myself for frequently abandoning this little online abode of mine. Life has definitely turned 360 ever since I stopped working, and started medical school in July of 2019. Big events happened, and I hope that I can find time to thoroughly update you all of what I have been up to. I hope you have…

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For the last five years, Spring Break has always been a family escapade. Gone are the days when I used to spend my spring breaks intoxicating myself, and telling lies to my parents that I have stay on campus the entire break for a research project that I have to work on. SMH. I know, I know. This year, we tried to be spontaneous, and really had nothing planned, aside…

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I am very much alive, but life had some #priorities that need much attention. Spring semester was crazy. I was full time at work, and enrolled a full load of courses at school. And since those were not enough to fill my calendar, I was also studying for my upcoming MCAT whenever I got the time during the past semester. But sadly, I had next to none, which led mo…

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Mini reunion with this H-Town peeps. Some wine and bites to celebrate the holidays at Ambrosia’s, and of course some gift exchanging. I’m thankful to my secret santa for giving me a personalized LV Damier graphite passport cover that I’ve been eyeing for quite some time now. Haha. I guess being naughty has paid off! Lol. My semester break is going well so far, and as I promised myself, I…

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#GOALS A quick tour at Yale University. I would really love to get in to their graduate school. Like, ahm, I would do anything to matriculate there. Haha!