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For the last five years, Spring Break has always been a family escapade. Gone are the days when I used to spend my spring breaks intoxicating myself, and telling lies to my parents that I have stay on campus the entire break for a research project that I have to work on. SMH. I know, I know. This year, we tried to be spontaneous, and really had nothing planned, aside…

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I am very much alive, but life had some #priorities that need much attention. Spring semester was crazy. I was full time at work, and enrolled a full load of courses at school. And since those were not enough to fill my calendar, I was also studying for my upcoming MCAT whenever I got the time during the past semester. But sadly, I had next to none, which led mo…

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Mini reunion with this H-Town peeps. Some wine and bites to celebrate the holidays at Ambrosia’s, and of course some gift exchanging. I’m thankful to my secret santa for giving me a personalized LV Damier graphite passport cover that I’ve been eyeing for quite some time now. Haha. I guess being naughty has paid off! Lol. My semester break is going well so far, and as I promised myself, I…

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#GOALS A quick tour at Yale University. I would really love to get in to their graduate school. Like, ahm, I would do anything to matriculate there. Haha! 

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We’re on a stretch here. 2 more days, and Fall 2015 semester is officially over. Just a couple more macaroons, and espressos, and maybe some Redbulls & Monsters, and I’m off for a holiday study hibernation. NOT! (**insert not so appropriate word**) #MCAT On the bright side, I asked my professor in OChem to write me a recommendation letter, and he seemed to be greatly honored to do so and…

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The reception was held at the Zaza Hotel. Guests were welcomed with contemporary music, polaroid photo booths, tons of food (that I actually thought there will no be sit down dinner), and unlimited booze. Wedding photos of the couple’s relatives were displayed right outside the banquet. Contemporary music on violin was amazing! The reception was lavishly designed by Flora Eventi. It could have not been any better! Their first dance!…