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Remember how unsatisfied my friends and I were from our KTV experience last night? This is why we decided to have another karaoke session. WARNING: photo flood below. 🙂 We arrived at the Melody House KTV at around 12:50 AM, and so we were quite unsure if we were still going to have a room since it’s Friday night, and time since they close at 2 AM. Nevertheless, we still…

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YES KTV + Cafe 101


WARNING: photo flood ahead. It’s a Thursday night, but I don’t know what have gotten in their (Paola, Kisses, and Wendy) minds that they were willing to wait for me at the garage for 30 minutes just so we can go anywhere the wheels lead us to. We decided to have our very late dinner at Cafe 101 (as usual, and like I’ve said a million times, it’s probably one…

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My hot friend Nadia during my Gossip-Girl-Themed  Birthday Party at Hotel Zaza. Obviously, we took these shots at the bathroom because it is the only place inside the suite that has a decent lighting. I actually brought my lights with me, but the hotel did not allow me to bring it because, supposedly, there shouldn’t be any “professional” photography. Yo, I’m not even half-professional. You guys can check her out,…

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Last week, friends and I decided to chill after dinner at Cafe 101. We were heading towards Starbucks when I suggested that we should go to Agora instead. I spent majority of my studying during my college years at Starbucks, and I really just wanted a new environment. I’ve only been in Agora once, and that was about 5 years ago when I just met Noel and Kisses. I liked…