A pleasant surprise at Greenbelt.
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My hot friend Nadia during my Gossip-Girl-Themed  Birthday Party at Hotel Zaza. Obviously, we took these shots at the bathroom because it is the only place inside the suite that has a decent lighting. I actually brought my lights with me, but the hotel did not allow me to bring it because, supposedly, there shouldn’t be any “professional” photography. Yo, I’m not even half-professional. You guys can check her out,…

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Last week, friends and I decided to chill after dinner at Cafe 101. We were heading towards Starbucks when I suggested that we should go to Agora instead. I spent majority of my studying during my college years at Starbucks, and I really just wanted a new environment. I’ve only been in Agora once, and that was about 5 years ago when I just met Noel and Kisses. I liked…

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This one time at the Galleria…


Took me about 2 hours to find my outfit for my graduation. Tammy, Jonah, and Daniel. Guess what I got at Sephora? lol. A powder and a kabuki brush…in preparation for my Philippine vacation. I’m sure I’d be as oily as I am super dry here in the US. Goofing around. Had to re-climb the escalator just to satisfy our narcissism.